Corporate and Group Events


As a veteran Design Director for large, global corporations, I can personally relate to the rewards, demands, and challenges of navigating work and personal life. My meditations are designed to not only release stress, but to restore and empower us both at work and at home. The benefits of having restored, empowered, and less stressed team members are massive - better employee morale and motivation, better overall health - leading to fewer sick days, smoother and easier interactions with teams and clients, higher percentage of deadlines successfully met, increased employee retention and greater profitability.

I offer meditations including breath work, calm focus, and transcendental/ self discovery for large or small group settings, as well as targeted meditations as needed (motivation to land new accounts, improving team function through delegation, mom-oriented, for moms returning to work after maternity leave - just to name a few.) Contact below for more information regarding group classes, corporate events, availability, and pricing.