Hold on - an Interior Stylist and a Meditation Teacher? YES. You read that correctly. Here’s how this works: My design career has always been about creating beauty and bringing joy. Aligning the external with the internal. We’ve all heard that quote about your external space being a reflection of your internal space. Well it works both ways. When we feel healthy and balanced on the inside, we radiate balance all around us. Our environments and our minds have a reciprocal relationship, and one cannot thrive without the other. And it’s easy for us to fall out of balance without even realizing it until we are deep in the weeds and functioning on auto-pilot. Life, family, work, finances, difficult or traumatic relationships - all of these things can begin to dominate our thoughts and actions until we are overwhelmed to a point where creating a space that we love living in falls to the bottom of the pile.

This understanding is what led me to study Feng Shui and meditation, and in doing so what allowed me to fully grasp how energetically driven our environments are. By layering energetic modalities into my design practice, I am able to create spaces that are not only aesthetically stunning, but that are supportive and restorative to anyone inhabiting them. I am embracing wholeness, and helping clients to create beauty outside and in. My students and clients receive more than a singular meditation class or an isolated room refresh - I provide the toolkit for you to profoundly and sustainably improve your entire energy field and step into Holistic Empowerment.


Private Instruction

Private instruction is perfect for anyone looking to jump start a meditation practice, or anyone requiring more individual attention. I offer a four day customizable schedule where we will explore the scientific and practical benefits of meditation, as well as the more ethereal ones. We will cover 12 different techniques, allowing you to choose a meditation practice that you will look forward to continuing regularly, on your own, without instruction. We will address your questions, as well as some common misconceptions about meditation, and you’ll complete your course feeling empowered, educated, and inspired. (Spoiler alert - this is perfect for super - achievers and leaders in their field who are “too busy” to meditate.) Contact below for availability and pricing.


Corporate Wellness

As a veteran Design Director for large, global corporations, I can personally relate to the rewards, demands, and challenges of navigating work and personal life. My meditations are designed to not only release stress, but to restore and empower us both at work and at home. The benefits of having restored, empowered, and less stressed team members are massive - better employee morale and motivation, better overall health - leading to fewer sick days, smoother and easier interactions with teams and clients, higher percentage of deadlines successfully met, increased employee retention and greater profitability.

I offer meditations including breath work, present moment awareness, calm focus, and transcendence/ self discovery for large or small group settings, as well as targeted meditations as needed (motivation to land new accounts, improving team function through delegation, mom-oriented, for moms returning to work after maternity leave - just to name a few.) Contact below for more information regarding group classes, corporate events, availability, and pricing.


Kids Intro to Wellness

Kids are learning to navigate the lessons and struggles of daily life from the minute they’re born. Infants are learning survival skills, toddlers are managing the basics of communication and socialization, and school age kids are expected to live up to increasingly intense schedules and social dynamics. While these are natural developmental stages, the pace at which they’re happening paired with still-developing vocabularies and abilities to express themselves create stressful situations.

Introducing energetic practices like mindfulness, meditation, and Feng Shui can give kids the tools to reduce their anxiety and boost confidence and happiness. When kids lower their stress levels they’re free to live in their natural state of curiosity, compassion, empathy, and joy. All of our kids offerings are available for groups, individuals, or in a “Mommy and Me” format.

Current kids programs include:

Kids Intro to Meditation, Kids Intro to Crystal Energy, Kids DIY Feng Shui

Contact below for availability & pricing.

Want to create a calm and happy kids room to fully support your child’s Feng Shui? Schedule a Single Room Consultation.