Energetic Clearing

In Feng Shui, an energetic clearing is recommended before or after any significant events, life changes, or negative exchanges in your home. This can mean moving in or moving out of a new space, after a loss or divorce, or even after a disagreement. Energetic Clearing encompasses traditional space clearing (using sound vibrations, via a bell) as well as meditation, intention setting, smudging to both clear stale energy and invite healthy energy, and placing crystals to amplify. Regularly clearing energy from your space will ensure that your home remains a place for you to recharge, decompress, and find inspiration.


Multiple Room Energetic “Deep Clean”

A multiple room deep clean is an ideal practice at the change of seasons, or after any significant event in your home. You’ll receive a consultation to determine Feng Shui “cures” to your biggest concerns for 3 rooms, a meditation, space clearing using sound, a smudge, and placement of crystals. If you have any feelings of stress or overwhelm on walking in your front door, consider this process your re-set button.