If It’s Spring It Must Be Green Crystal Season

After what feels like one of the longest (and for many us, most intense) winters ever, tomorrow’s Spring Equinox - conveniently timed with a Supermoon Full Moon in Libra - is so. very. welcome.

Windows are open. Closets are edited. Saging the F out of every room in the house. Check, check, and check. Tomorrow is set to be a powerful start to Spring 19 because full moons are all about releasing what no longer serves us. Letting go, clearing and cleansing. Making space for newness. In order to feel the full energy of this new season, it’s imperative to give it some room to move in. (I mean, Spring cleaning, right??)


One of my favorite ways to refresh and renew a space is with a Crystal Grid. I like to do one at every full or new moon, and I’m feeling like tomorrow’s deserves to be extra potent. The key to having a successful grid is striking the right balance of simplicity and power. Too much energy and your intention can get lost; too simple and you may be missing an opportunity to boost and attract energy. So for my Spring Equinox Supermoon grid, I’ll be anchoring with color (GREEN obv, the color of renewal) but incorporating some super powerful energetic cleaner-uppers. Try bringing in some (or if you’re feeling lucky, all!) of these green magic charms and see if your 1st day of Spring doesn’t just feel more Springy:


Screenshot 2019-03-19 13.37.10.png

Malachite is one of my all time favorite crystals to work with. I uncover a new quality about it each time I add it to a grid or a meditation. In addition to being highly protective, it’s first a stone for transformation. Its energy encourages breaking ties that are no longer useful, embracing change and taking risks. It does all of this while adding a layer of protection against negative intentions, creating a safe place for you to begin your Spring renewal.

***A word of caution - Malachite is on the list of toxic crystals due to its high copper content and must be handled carefully. I recommend using only tumbled pieces (as opposed to rough), washing hands immediately after contact, and never placing them directly into water that you plan on ingesting. Best not to let kids handle these either.***


Screenshot 2019-03-19 13.41.14.png

Green Aventurine is another multitasker. It’s known as a stone of luck and opportunity (an ACTUAL lucky charm, so SPRINGY!) for its ability to increase your winning odds in literally any situation. (Job interview? Important project? Speaking event? First date? Green Aventurine’s the one.) Its energy carries optimism and welcomes change, and helps with releasing old patterns to make way for fresh new ones. I use Green Aventurine in grids for everything from releasing to manifesting and prosperity, so it’s a natural for tomorrow’s Spring Equinox.

Screenshot 2019-03-19 13.47.46.png


Use Green Cat’s Eye Quartz to invite some grounding, Earth energy in. Considered a Seeker stone (due to its internal Hexagonal structure), it’s helpful with finding new ways, new solutions, and new paths as a way of achieving that which we want but can’t quite see yet. Think of this like a fresh set of eyes on an old situation - sometimes all that’s needed is a little shift in perspective.


Screenshot 2019-03-19 13.55.56.png

If you’re not familiar with Moldavite already, you may want to ease into working with this stone instead of jumping right in and adding it to a grid. It is a super super potent, ultra high vibe tektite (meaning it was formed millions of years ago from meteorites crashing into Earth - generally in and around what is now the Czech Republic.) which many say retains its extraterrestrial properties, and its abilities for attracting energy are legendary.  They say that you don’t choose Moldavite, it chooses you, and if you try to work with it before it feels you’re ready it will disappear. True story. I “lost” mine for months, only to have it reappear in exactly the same spot that I’d searched for it over and over and over. (Let that sink in for a second… the stone will hide itself if it deems that you’re not ready for its full power. I mean…….) Once you ARE ready though, get ready for some powerful clearing, protection, and open communication and acceptance of your innate intuitive abilities.

If you’re on Long Island and want to dive in even deeper to working with crystals and how to optimize their energy in your home, check out my Feng Shui, Crystals, and Manifesting workshop Thursday, March 21st at 5:30 pm at Salt Haven Spa. Happy Spring!!