A Frequency For Everything

If you’re new to meditation, you might be wondering what the music is that you always hear in the background. Obv it’s relaxing, but many of those soundtracks are actually Solfeggio frequencies - basically the scale of 6 tones used in meditation, dating back to Gregorian monks. Each frequency aligns with a specific energy and intention, which is why listening to them when meditating for an intention can be so helpful.

The frequencies and intentions are:

174 HTZ - Pain Relief

285 HTZ - Regenerates and Heals Tissue

396 HTZ - Liberating Guilt and Fear

417 HTZ - Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

528 HTZ - Repair DNA and Transformation & Miracles

639 HTZ - Harmonizing Relationships

741 HTZ - Removes Toxins, Enhances Intuition and Problem Solving

852 HTZ - Unconditional Love & Awakening Intuition

Have a listen to one (or all) of these frequencies from my favorite playlist and see if it doesn’t help you super tune in to your next meditation.