The Feng Shui of Purple

I’ve learned that when designing a clients space, there is no color that is more polarizing than purple. There are the purple - haters, and everyone else, and the purple - haters are very, very definitive about not having a drop of purple anywhere in their space. (Not surprising - in addition to Spring and florals, purple can be associated with various religions, hippies, witches, little kids and unicorns, and everything in between. I’m not mad at my purple - haters.) So if this sounds like you, I invite you to go right ahead and scroll away, and hopefully come back when we’re talking about the Feng Shui of like, Navy Blue. (For those that don’t know, what makes my Feng Shui design plan work is that it’s less about following rigid traditions and all about aligning your space with you. So if you’re not feeling purple, it has no place in your space, no matter what Feng Shui it might bring. Bye, purple)!

However if you find yourself in the “everyone else” category, Welcome! It’s awesome in here, and lucky for you, purple is considered one of the luckiest, if not *the* luckiest, colors in Feng Shui. (Sorry, Red). Purple is said to enhance everything from business success, to finances, to personal and spiritual development, to healthy and creative kids, to overall good luck. You literally can. not. go. wrong. with this color. (Purple PSA - my front and back doors are both painted a deep purple to enhance energy coming and going to and from my home).

Maybe you love purple as a color, but can’t figure out how to work it into your existing plan? I get it. A massive purple wall, while exceptionally lucky - especially in the Southeast - is a commitment. You’ve got to really, really love purple. When you’re not quite ready to take the leap, some strategically placed furnishings and items can be more than enough to check purple off of your list & bring in some good Feng Shui energy without a complete makeover. You can start by shopping my list of some of my favorite, and super easy, purple Feng Shui boosting accessories: